Simplified Forex-Ology – 5 non-standard steps to a winning forex strategy

First of all, I want to emphasize that in my trading system is not the Holy Grail, and anyone can successfully use it, if you follow the rules of the trading system. I have been trading for years, and this is one of my trading strategies in the Forex market, which has helped me to make a profit consistently.

I have always kept my trading system simple, so it is a simple system that works on this ever changing brutal currency market. Struck by this? Do you think that a successful trading system must be complex and difficult to use? The success in the Forex market depends on how effectively the trader uses a trading system, and not on how well the trading system.

So now I'll open a forex strategy that I often use to consistently profit from the market. After reading, you might think that it really is such a simple system. But, as I said, the trade should be simple, do not bother him. Below are the stages of my forex trading strategies:

Step 1: Look at the main trend using daily schedule. First look from left to right on the chart to tell you that this is a trend up or down.

Step 2: Once I find out that the main trend of the forex, I will move on Forex Factory website to check for news releases. If there will be news in 2 hours, I do not even go to step 3 to search for trading signals as the probability of occurrence punched.

Step 3. If the news, I will be taking action on your trading plan forex. For example, if the main trend has increased, I will look only buy signals received from my forex indicators, and vice versa, if the main trend is down.

Step 4: Now, this is the most important stage, and my trading decision is here. I use the intersection of 4 EMA (Exponential Moving Average) and 23 EMA, to identify buy and sell signals on the 30-minute chart. There are other indicators: weekly and stohastychnyya and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) should also follow the trend, and can not look flat. I filter the Batoh trading only during the sessions, with high liquidity and checking with the & # 39 is the same trend, using the 4-hour chart. That's all!

Step 5: Trafficking is mounted on a rigid suspended loss of about 35 points, while I've got 2 ways to focus on profit. It enjoys a healthy balance of risk and reward, at least 1: 2. The second – the daily support and resistance.

It's my successful forex trading system. It's simple, is not it? Of course, risk management, money management and psychology should be combined in the trading system to make it work normally.

What is Forex trading signals and how can you use them?

Forex trading for many can be a very zastrashnay, especially due to an overload of information. Even experienced traders work for many hours on the charts and the rooms every day, just to understand the data they receive. In order to make accurate entries and exits from the trade, they spend countless hours on the charts, news on the market speculation, the analysis, the global market economy and more.

What if you continue to receive signals every day to do the right trade moves without spending so much time and effort?

Forex trading signals at:

Trading signals are more similar to the ongoing management of an experienced trader. Signals that they provide on a daily basis, indicate a good entry and exit points. You can customize your deal on these items and begin to work with other works. Signals "Buying and selling of" automatically start your trading activity.

You can receive alerts on their mobile phones, computers, tabs, etc. With proper and timely signals known traders, you are likely to make more winning moves. It is also a perfect solution for those people who are usually drawn up to the time.

How to generate signals?

Alarms caused by signals that are always based on a substantive technical analysis of the existing foreign exchange market. Signals are sent after a thorough analysis of parameters, market trends, and many other financial signals.

You will need to subscribe to the daily Forex signals from any of the known traders or trading firms, and then receive daily from them valuable information.

Why is it good to subscribe to Forex Signals?

There is not so easy in trading on the Forex market, as it may seem. You will learn a lot of things, to understand the basics of how the market works. For a new trader phrases such as Bollinger bands, MACD, Simple Moving Average, indicators, oscillators, candlestick charts, etc., may be simply convincing.

One of the main reasons why people want to lose money on forex, is that they do not have the time and patience to learn all the things needed to make intelligent trading decisions. Why would you want to risk, if experienced traders working on part of the market analysis?

So you can skip the hard part of trading and get right into the winning circle. However, make sure you take a good look Forex signal providers before deciding to subscribe to the other.

How long do you have to choose the trade and the most profitable?

Most traders in the Forex market does not have a clue about how and why prices move in the Forex market and make key mistakes in the order in which they trade. In this article we look at three popular time frame and see which is the best time to trade in your trading strategy.

In the forex market all the major news of supply and demand will be shown in the price action, as well as the views of all traders, so let the price action break down into 3 periods.

Long-term trends

Big trend against the currencies, which last from a few weeks to many months and reflect the economic and political health of the country's currency. These are great foundations slowly changed from expansion to reduction, and therefore these trends continue for so long.

Intermediate term trends

While large foundations dominate in the long term, in a shorter time emotions of traders can raise prices up or down, and it can be seen in the intermediate trends within the big trends, which can be either with the main trend, and opposite to it. Typically, these trends will continue for a few days to about a week.

short-term trend

This action within a day, and in fact not from the & # 39 is the trend simply random price action. On the day the prices can go anywhere, and they do it.

Which is the best time to trade?

From the foregoing it is clear that trade in long-term trends can give you the greatest amount of profit at the slightest about the & # 39; the amount of work. Everything you do – to enter the trend and hold it – but the long-term trend, which adheres to, really suits the trader, patient and disciplined.

Trade in intermediate trends can be very profitable and requires less patience and discipline than trade in long-term trends. You can make money in both the time frame and the one you choose will simply planted to your personality.

I have not yet mentioned the tonic trading, but it is the most popular time to trade, but real chance of success you do not. There is a large industry that sells junk robots and other so-called trading strategies with low risk and scalping, but they do not make money, and day traders lose.

If you want to win at Forex trading, do not make the mistake that makes the most of, and trade short term – Trade longer term, and you will have the odds on your side and you can get a great second income.

Trading Strategies Forex – Develop a strategy for triple profits

In this article we will look at the development of Forex trading strategies that can help you make big profits trading the world's currency markets. On successful trading basics, you can learn any man, so let's look at Forex trading strategies, that can bring you money and lead to success.

The first thing that you need to remember – that you are a trader?

Do you like Exchange Act or are you more patient and want to trade long term. If you like action, you should reduce the trade and trade steps, which last from a few days to a week, and if you are more patient, focus on long-term trades that can last for weeks or months. You can earn money by any method, and the one you choose will only reflect your personality. You'll notice I did not mention one-day trading as a way to earn money, because – it does not make money! You trade every day, just trading the market noise, and if you do this, you are destined to lose.

Now let's look at the principles that make a successful strategy.

The first thing that you need to consider – is the preservation of its strategy based on current trading prices. You will not need to read the news or listen to the opinions of other traders, you can simply trade trends in the chart. A simple strategy is to make money, and there is no need to make your strategy a complex or complicated. All the best traders use simple trading strategy, and if it is good enough for them is good enough.

Your strategy should be to & # 39; objective entry and exit points, and they must be supported by the cost! Do not do what you do most of the unprofitable traders – to try to guess where the market can go, just do it for confirmation.

There are many different ways to make a profit on Forex, but a way to lose it – let losses run. Resolution losses get out of control – the most common reason why traders lose. Since taking office, you have to be stopped, and the risk reward, you have to look, should not be less than 3: 1

The strategy should be consistent rules for the trading of all currencies in the same way, and the same should be traded on all types of markets.

Development of a simple strategy that can make money – this is something that everyone can do in a few weeks of training. You must earn their strategy, though it is to trade her discipline, keeping losses small, and not be tempted to deviate from the strategy or to overcome the trading signals. You need to keep in mind that most traders can not adhere to a specific set of policies, but if you stray from them, you still do not have a strategy.

Thus, you have a few simple tips on how to develop your own trading strategy on forex for success. If you follow the above tips, you'll soon get a nice profit for an hour a day and get a great second income.

4x and Forex Signal Services

Forex trading – a great way to make money fast. Need to know everything about the market before you start making money? No, you do not exactly know.

Forex industry, as attractive as the market is guided in a bad direction. Many Forex services, whether brokers, signal providers or just general Forex sites that are going about their marketing is absolutely ineffective, and thus prevent myself to turn any profit or, at least, get a smaller return than they could get.

A lot of people negatively perceive forex industry and links it to the black market, instead of the suras & # 39; major world markets, which should be compared to Forex. If someone is to blame for this, it is themselves Forex players.

Before we talk about some steps that you should take Forex company, let's see what companies are doing wrong Forex. If you look at the average broker or service provider in the Forex market, you tend to see one thing in common. All of them promise immediate and large-scale results. This, of course, is false and misleads people, which ultimately causes a bad name as the Forex industry.

Forex is not a & # 39 is a magic solution, and no one at all does not become the next Bill Gates over night by trading Forex. Yes, it is the biggest market, yes, daily Forex trading 3-4 trillion dollars, but you almost certainly will not see any of this money, unprepared before they enter. Look at the market, study schedules, understand the financial news and pay attention to experts and Forex signaling. These are just some basic tips that I would give the new trader.

Secrets of currency trading system – Part 1

Many traders fantasize about a trading system or a technical indicator that can capture every zig and vices on the market. The idea is very n & # 39; Yana, but, sorry, bad news media, it is simply not the case. Please do not zastrelvaytse messenger!

Despite all the marketing hype all over the Internet, no system, no light can not do everything.

Have you ever tried to adjust the car? Well, if you did, you certainly do not use just one tool. Depending on the machine to do the job, it took a whole bunch of specialized tools. Not only that, you also need to know how to use the tools and when to use them.

Attempting to draw a regular income from any of the market – this is the way to. It requires a lot of specialized tools, and for most traders, technical analysis provides our tool palette.

Since the market may ziggats and die at any time, we need it "Tool Box for trading" a full technical analysis tools.

For example, if in the commercial market is the range, then oscillating indicators It works very well.

However, if the market has the tendency, the oscillator is not worth beans heap. If the market is trending, things such as moving averages, with the & # 39 is one of the "choice of instruments".

Returning to the car analogy … If your car is not running properly, your mechanic pops up on a diagnostic machine that quickly explains what the problem is. Then it's simply a matter of drawing the necessary tools and parts for the situation.

When it comes to trade, the bottom line is that if you can not diagnose the current market, it is likely that you will be ill prepared and lose money.

In this post I'm going to share the strategy, which will help you much better read (diagnosis) on the market. This, in turn, will ensure the proper use of the trading system and technical analysis tools to do the job.

Equipment System Development 1

You need to find the market or time frame that best fit your trading system.

Let's use my program of commercial secrets as a real example. In this program, I want to look at a specific example of a candlestick, stohastyki indicator and a number of formations diagrams. This creates a unique system that helps me capitalize on numerous trading on all markets, including Forex, f & # 39; yuchersy and promotions.

Although I find countless deals with this program, it does not mean that it will work equally well in all situations. Let me explain …

Let's say I want to trade stocks on a daily basis. I can see the 15-minute chart and notice Microsoft not so much a situation where my system is configured. Just going to say, 5, 10 or 30 minutes, I can find some great options. But if Microsoft for any reason, it seems, does not produce a reduced number of transactions for my system, I'll just look for other promotions to get more opportunities.

Let's look at an example in forex trading. Say you have developed a strategy that looks promising. You have a lot of currency pairs to see which ones contain the most options, as dictated by your trading methodology.

Let's look at another example. Say you are a trader's position and use daily schedule. If you do not find a lot of shopping options, all of a sudden you can find a stock of them, looking at the 2-day or weekly schedule. You can even jump down on the four-hour schedule to get another point of view.

Once you have found a few good candidates, you need to go to the …

Technique system of 2

A sufficient number of these commercial settings for your system Only half of the equation.

You will need to trade markets that follow! In other words, as soon as they launch your entry, they begin to move with a lot of speed in the right direction. I can not stress enough, momentum is something that puts money in your account. Without this, you will get a small profit and get beaten in difficult market conditions.

Transactions that have a lot of turns, will show price bars that are basically increases the maximum highs and higher lows. The trend of decreasing, you'll have mostly lower highs and lower lows.

In a strong trend, bars are also prone to closure upper third their range. The strong downward trend they basically closed lower third Bars range.

When viewing my candlesticks I would also like to see the superiority of green candles in the trend and a lot of red candlesticks in the trend.

So to do it all together …

Step 1: First find a suitable time frame in which there is a fairly broad trading options, depending on your strategy

Step 2: Make sure that when you start trading you will see signs of strong momentum and move on

If you do not see signs of strong momentum, then the chances of the market will be bad, and you want to avoid like the plague, so how to make money much more difficult. Loose markets also force you to stop.

By performing the above steps, you will get a small group, "the cream," a stock of goods, currency, etc .. So you will spend the entire energy fully into markets that will give you the greatest chance of success.

And the last thing to note … Markets change, so you need to constantly assess, it is still your favorite stocks, currencies and commodities behave identically. If not, you need to look for the best terms or enters a new market.

5 Ways Blockchain turn a simple man's life

With all the media information on cryptocurrency prices may wonder, how does this affect the average person. Right at the heart of cryptocurrency and other digital currencies – Blockchain technology.

There are a variety of production and management problems that technology can solve for the common man. You have a small business, but often feel the transparency of traditional methods of communication? Have you ever received a higher than usual, medical bills? As a business owner, or & # 39 is a legitimate candidate for a hassle for you? These problems affect businesses, startups, small businesses, individuals and Blockchain technologies strive to offer solutions that make the lives of the common man greatly simplified by simplistic solutions.


Banking activity in almost all countries is still very focused on the paper operations of any transfer of money, record keeping or other contingency trade functions. Blockchain technology can repeat it in a digital format and to create a decentralized book that allows you to not only bankers, but also customers to access a single source of information. This system allows banks to eliminate the chances of fraud, because the documentation and proof of ownership of the assets can be monitored digitally bankers Blockchain ledger, which can be accessed at any time in an unchanged format.

Identity theft is also a & # 39; is a serious & # 39; oznay problem in the banking sector. Details citizens stolen and used to open fake accounts for illegal activities. According to the Internet database of complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, there were more than 13 million complaints against card fraud and identity theft, but in 2016 three million of these complaints have been filed. Through the system blockchain customers can view all the accounts that belong under their name, and immediately report it to the bank when they noticed some suspicious activity in their bank details. Some known examples include Hyperledger Fabric project which is supported by IBM, and UBS Settlement Coin from UBS.


Blockchain technology can be an incredible way to simplify aid and make the management of medical data much simpler. report widely available to patients may allow much more convenient to carry out research on drug development, as well as reduce the impact of drug counterfeiting. Clinical trials and their results can be accessed in a decentralized network that allows professionals and health researchers to conduct research and find solutions for better health. Accenture – one of the largest companies, which began to offer innovative solutions in the field of health care in the field of health care for safe and bezmashtabnyh transactions.

Medicare fraud can also be destroyed due account management blockchain, because the billing system can be automated completely, without any middlemen who commit fraud. Since 2017 more than 56 million people are engaged in Medicare now, more than 1.3 billion dollars have been disrupted due to the government by fraud rehabilitation facilities and home health care services. blockchain systems can effectively protect citizens seeking care in health care workers who are overpaid for services rendered as a result of fraudulent billing practices. Centralized data not only help health workers in the treatment, based on the history of the patient and his family & # 39; and, but also eliminates the chances of patient incorrect recall past symptoms and disorders.

public records

One of the most important functions of civilian government control & # 39 is to record all the information about its citizens. This includes information about individuals and businesses in terms of their assets and activities. Most of the recorded information recorded in the paper database, which makes data management very difficult even in developed countries.

Systems based on blockchain, such as Ubitiquity, can encode all public records in the digital book to avoid changing data on citizens for the purpose of fraud. Identity theft – a problem with which the administration can be very complex, and alichbavanne all public information to make its protection can help to prevent similar cases of criminal activity.


One of the biggest limitations of the voting system in almost every country lies in the fact that even today, voters need to be physically present at the booths to vote to cast their vote, and this can complicate the people who need to travel in the days of the survey. More importantly, there are no means to verify the results of the survey for the ordinary citizen.

Companies to develop blokcheyna such as Followmyvote, come up with solutions that seek to make a vote on the Internet a reality. This will allow citizens to view accurate information on calculation and the results of surveys and various other statistics. It also leads to a more secure voting for citizens of countries that are in the internal or external conflict, criminal activities, which forces citizens to vote for specific candidates, can be completely avoided.

Rental business

Businesses of all sizes are hard to find the right staff. Due blockchain technology, business allows you to check the credentials of all applicants through the digital database. Blockchain-technology can be used to create a decentralized database of professionals with proven expertise in the Security Handbook, which may apply to the company for employment candidates. Learning Machine – is a New York-based company that aims to solve this problem and focuses on data validation records of workers.

Tax fraud or related to employment, account for 34% of all identity thefts for 2016 and blockchain system makes the process of hiring any business is much safer, because the company will have access only to these candidates, reducing the risk of fraudulent recruitment. . It also helps applicants by speeding up the recruitment process and helping them to find a job for which they are eligible, and have no problem worries.

Using blockchain technology helps people and businesses, and also protects personal information, making important data available to the public. While blockchain has the best application in cryptocurrency, its use can be extended to other sectors, as well as provide significant solutions for citizens worldwide.

3 Principles technical analysis Forex

Forex Technical Analysis (also known as a foreign currency or exchange rate), which is a & # 39 is a widely used currency trading methodology in the world, based on three main principles. The first principle – action reduces all the foreign exchange market. The actual market price – is a reflection of everything that is known to the market, which may possibly affect the price movement. Pure technical analyst is only concerned about the price movement and not the causes of any changes.

Second, prices move in the trend. The price can move in three directions, that is, they can move up, down or sideways. Once a trend in any of these areas acts, it is normally saved and will create a trend. Technical analysis is also used to determine the patterns of market behavior that have long been recognized as genuine. Typically, this behavior behave in the same way as before, until you are able to recognize and explain what they are. They have proved their consistency in predicting future steps. If you can correctly identify chart patterns, and that further price movement, you will be able to limit losses and maximize your profits.

And thirdly, history repeats itself. Technical analysts believe that investors collectively repeat the behavior of investment behavior. They tend to act and react in the same way to different types of stimuli, as economic data or other news. Because investor behavior repeats itself so often, you can recognize the well-known market model for analysis.

Therefore, a trader, who & # 39 is a pure technical analyst is not concerned about the news on the market. He used the model charts for the market to take into account the news and acted accordingly. However, although widely used, there are some shortcomings in this trading methodology.

Future Trading Forex

Profit from forex trading in the currency of F & # 39; yuchersah significant. The difference between the two instruments Var & # 39; iruetstsa from actual search realities such as the history of each, they are on the & # 39; objective viewers, and their importance in the modern currency markets, to more specific issues such as the fee for the transaction, profitability, access to liquidity , ease of use and technical and educational support, the resulting sources of each service. These differences pounce below:

More about the & # 39; Volume = Improved liquidity. Daily on the & # 39; the amount of f & # 39; yuchersav on the CME is now less than 2% of a & # 39; the volume that is seen every day in the forex markets. Incomparable liquidity – one of the many advantages that forex markets are compressed more than the currency of F & # 39; yuchersav. To tell the truth this is old news. Any currency professional can tell you that cash was king since the dawn of the modern currency markets in the early 1970s. Current news is that individual dealers from every forex risk profile now have full right to seize the opportunities offered by the forex markets.

Forex markets provide a tougher proposal to offer an increase than the currency markets of F & # 39; yuchersav. By folding the f & # 39; yuchersav to evaluate its cash, you can readily see that in the example of USD / CHF has ended invertatsyya f & # 39; yuchersnay selling price. Increase of 5 points available for the currency markets.

Forex markets offer higher advantage and lower margin charge than those who are in the trades of currency f & # 39; yuchersami. When trading currency of F & # 39; yuchersami buyers have one margin charge for "day" buy and sell, and the other – for the "night" of the situation. These forex margin rates can vary depending on the size of the business. When trading cash markets, you have access to the same margin in the day and night. Of course, trading on margin equally increases your income and your losses.

In the forex market using easily understood, and the world, the terms and quotes expenses. F & # 39; yuchersnyya currency quotes – inversion of monetary value. For example, if the cash account for USD / CHF is 1.771 / 1.7105, future corresponds .5894 / .5897; a method that is used only within the framework f & # 39; yuchersnyh trades.

F & # 39; yuchersnyya charges have additional difficulties in advance FX part, which takes account of the time factor, interest rates and percent mismatch declared in different currencies. On forex markets do not require such changes, mathematical manipulation or thought for the interest rate factor f & # 39; yuchersnyh agreements.

Transactions in the Forex market, implemented through, are taken free of charge *. Currency f & # 39; yuchersy have the extra baggage of trading commissions, trade fees and charges for recovery.

Why Use a Forex Robot?

When it comes to Forex currency market, it is important that you understand that the daily trading, and even long-distance trades depend on many different things. If you do not have time to keep up with these things, perhaps a robot Forex – it is a way of trading that gives you the best chance of success.

It is important that if you decide to start investing in the Forex market, to understand that there are a lot of different things that cause the rise and fall of specific currencies. In other words, the news at five o'clock in the afternoon, the economy of a country, the gross national product, as well as which trading laws may be the country of import and export contracts, and almost everything else I think might affect the currency of a country.

To effectively trade in the Forex market, you need to understand how it all about & # 39; yadnovvaetstsa to a pair of rise and fall. If you do not have time to keep up with it, you probably should not trade.

Now, as before, when you invest with a particular company, trading in the market, you can invest in a specific program, which deals with trade for you. They are often referred to as Forex bot, the FX-robots, automated Forex robots, Forex meta-scanners and a variety of different names.

Basically they – software that crawls on the foreign exchange market, looking for certain mathematical algorithms. If specific situations occur, the trader robot carries out the trade.

As with everything else, the study will become your best friend when it comes to choosing an automated Forex robot. Read about the sequence, profit and, of course, the fine print. Make sure that the company in which you invest, with the & # 39 is good and has sufficient capital to comply with local legislation.

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