Smart Hotel Revenue Managers Track Competition Prices Using Extended Price Shopping Tool

Today travelers are technology freaks who know how to use technology to make their travel cheaper, convenient and convenient. Technology allows them to stay on the go without worrying about the route, the itinerary and even the accommodation. Even while on the move, they can choose from different hotels that will perfectly meet their budget […]

What hotel managers want to know about hotel reservations

This may be related to something anthropological, but for some reason human beings seem to feel a great sense of excitement and wonder when they travel, as if going back to a time when our ancestors may have been wondering from place to place in search for food and shelter. Obviously, things have changed, and […]

How Hotels Can Deal with Airbnb Generation by Outsourcing Information

Sharing services are a disruptive innovation. The emergence of a sharing economy may be favorable to the majority of today's consumers, but the industries concerned consider this progress to be an enemy of economic growth. They inadvertently insist on the continent of their traditional counterparts. Only a few have begun to reinvent themselves to play […]

The best luxury hotels near Pichola Lake in Udaipur, Rajasthan

With the perfect backdrop of lush, green hills, which is quite a contrast to the rest of Rajasthan, Pichola Lake is one of the oldest and most picturesque lakes in the otherwise dry, harsh state of Rajasthan. Reflecting the surrounding area on its mirror surface, it is surrounded by green-brown hills, temples, gardens, havelis and […]

Important things to keep in mind when choosing a hotel

Choosing a hotel to stay is one of the most important decisions to make when planning a trip. This can be difficult, especially when embarking on a trip to an unknown destination. Perfect choices can help make the trip a more exciting experience, while poor choices could completely ruin the trip. Below, we will discuss […]

Cheap Hotels in Gaslamp / Downtown San Diego Which type of accommodation is perfect for you?

Do you plan to stay in Gaslamp in San Diego? If you are unfamiliar with the area, it is helpful to look at an online map to find out where the hotels are located near the shops and restaurants you want to visit. Even though it is not too big, you still don't want to […]